Baby Girl: Bleecker!

Just introducing myself to you all as I am pretty important to understanding life with Emma and the Girl Gang.

My name’s Bleecker and I am rather fabulous, basically run Hill and Friends and hold it all together. I am one of the girls but my hair is way shinier than all of them. Sometimes I get called Baby Girl, but I am so much more grown up than that.

Technically I am a Frenchie but honestly I just don’t care for croissants, give me a crumpet anyday of the week. I am a 'London Girl' at heart with a little transatlantic twang, ahh I miss New York, must pop over soon.

So obviously i've got the inside track on what’s happening at Hill and Friends, I mean it never stops, somedays…….I do not lie……..I can’t tell if it’s an Accessory Brand or a Bakery, I mean just the other day they were baking BOOBS?? WTF.