Bleecker's XMAS Favs!

Hi Girlfriends,
Bleecker here just checking in to see how you all are? Wondering if you’ve snapped up some gorgeous Hill and Friends pieces?

Personally Christmas is all about me... I just love all the new smells... which reminds me, OMG the IT’s LIT Candle!! You have to try it.  It smells simply divine and burns so well (I’m told that’s important). I Just love the Berry Bomb scent and BoneUS, it seems to relax everyone around me! 🕯
The Tree is up and I’ve been told I need to get my eyelashes on for a shoot… (Note to self - must get Agent for 2022.) 🎄
Other things on my list are the Leopard Clutches - quite like the green one and feel Emma really should fill it full of tasty treats pour moi. 🐾
I wish the charm bracelets would fit me.. .they make me smile when I catch them dangling from a wrist... I would pick the wish bone one... bone… get it?  🤣
Oh, one more thing. Have you seen the fun new packaging? The team really hope it makes everyone joyous when they receive their orders... Pink lined of course. 🎁

Anyway, sending seasons greetings, must dash as I’ve got to practice my snoozing for after Christmas lunch... 💤
Love, Licks & Lashes,
Bleecker (AKA Baby Girl)