Hill & Friends x Alexa Coe

ALEXA COE X HILL AND FRIENDSAlexandria Coe is a London based artist who studied at Chelsea College of Art before completing her masters at Central Saint Martins. Adopting skills from her studies in textile design and illustration, she now focuses on a simplified drawing practise as a root to connecting with an authentic relationship with the body. The main subject of her work is the female nude. She focuses upon the simplification of the human form, exploring the depth of expression that is possible with minimalist mark-making.
Her style is adapted to convey a neutral view of the female form via drawing. Always working in series, she creates collections of drawings that interact with each other to stimulate a feeling of sensuality and sexuality; exploring the subtle differences between what it is to be nude and to be naked.
Her method is impulsive and innate, a type of automatic drawing. Her own understanding of the female form guides her hand to create powerful and evocative forms that are at once abstract in their simplicity, yet instantly recognisable to the viewer. Experience, mind and hand are all connected in Alexa's approach to mark making, and she is highly skilled in her ability to build montages which are playful whilst also, at times, provocative. 
She says: "I am always fascinated by the symbolism found within the naked form, the varying interpretations that can divide viewers. I find drawing in its rawest form, with the simplest colour palette, is the best way connect back to an authentic view of female form. In the complexities of modern life it is essential to find a style that can engage, without over complication."