Hill and Friends is a brand that produces exceptionally crafted and luxuriously functional bags, each affirmed with a subversive wink.

A unique partnership between Emma Hill CBE and Georgia Fendley, Hill and Friends is a name that denotes warmth, wit and disruptive charm without compromising luxury. It is a brand that embraces a distinctly generous relationship with its customers, or ‘friends’ who define its world. As the name implies, producing bags is a team effort and we are devoted to the support and hard work of our friends who make this happen.

Combining luxurious linings with refined practical details, Hill and Friends is committed to producing bags that balance everyday functionality with timeless sophistication. Using the highest quality materials, each bag is crafted with a meticulous attention to detail and subject to a rigorous multi-stage prototyping process before the first samples are made, tested and improved again.

Through disruptive generosity, Hill and Friends defines a unique world for its bags, informed by consistent humor and joy.