Producing ethically sourced and sustainably produced goods to ensure our products are as friendly to the planet as they are to our customer.

- Emma Hill


At Hill and Friends we pride ourselves on ensuring that when you purchase a Hill and Friends bag you’re not only buying quality craftsmanship but you’re purchasing luxury that designed to last and ensure that our production is as friendly to the planet as it is in its finished form.

We manufacture 100% of our bags in the UK, in a unique factory established in 1826 in the heart of the Somerset countryside, an area long famed for its skilled craftspeople. The factory we work with not only handcraft our finished handbags but also make a huge amount of our leathers from their Somerset Tannery, which has been making high quality leathers in England for almost 200 years.

Every leather produced at the factory is a by-product of local farming businesses, which would otherwise be discarded if if not repurposed by our tannery.

A member of the Leather Naturally Group, our factory is held to the highest standards of local and cruelty-free production and eco-conscious manufacturing methods.



By manufacturing locally we minimise our carbon footprint and ensure that all our shipments are 100% carbon offset.

For me, it's imperative to work with natural materials and to achieve the highest quality finish to our products with the lowest impact on the environment.

- Emma Hill


The factory we work with is also a gold rated member of the Leather Working Group, a premium, multi-stakeholder group that develops and maintains protocols in both environmental excellence & compliance and promotes sustainable & environmental best practice.

The LWG award their ‘Gold Rated Tanners‘ status only to those very top tier tanneries who are considered to be at the very forefront of sustainable production initiatives, and we are proud to source some of our best selling leathers from these.


Longevity is a sign of quality and we design and craft our bags to last.

We believe in the benefits of buying less and buying better.

- Emma Hill


At Hill and Friends we create bags that are designed to last and choose to manufacture small production runs that only meet our requirements. Instead of encouraging our friends to purchase new, we choose to emphasise the benefits of restoration to ensure that our bags remain in as happy a condition as the day they were received.

Through our LoveWorn re-sale programme we support the sustainable benefits of the circular selling by enabling our customers to sell their pre-loved purchases ensuring that every bag is utelised for as long as possible.



Our Promise

Friends Of The Planet

Produced using the highest ethical and sustainable leather working techniques

Friendly Packaging

All our items are shipped using biodegradable packaging.

Shipped Carbon Neutral

All orders shipped carbon neutral with our courier partner