Welcome To The Happy Factory At Home 2

Happy Fifth Birthday To Us


Emma Hill says a happy fifth birthday to Hill and Friends this fashion week with a short film marking the brand’s milestone celebration in the most 2020 of fashions.

Filmed entirely at Hill’s home in London, the Happy Factory At Home series takes a light-hearted look at life during lockdown featuring the brand’s signature designs from past, present and future.


We feel so lucky to have built such a close, personal relationship with our customers over the past five years and we really want them to know that they are part of our brand family so we wanted to have a little fifth birthday party at my house that all our customers could attend - all adhering to government guidelines, of course…”

- Emma Hill CBE

Made In England


Celebrating our roots with soft, rounded shapes in pliable leathers that highlight the quality and craftsmanship evident in each piece produced. Handmade in our factory in the heart of Somerset, using sustainable and eco-friendly production techniques, each bag incorporates the brands signature iconography with its Made In England branded stamp or ‘Happy Face’ logo.


In what’s been a surreal year for everyone, we’ve seen so much of the fashion industry revolutionise and really question their purpose and practises. For us, we maintain that it’s our job to find a way to put a smile on the face of our customers and our fans by whichever means we can, and do so with the utmost British of flair.”

- Emma Hill CBE

Looking Forward


Looking forward to what the next five years hold in store for Hill and Friends, Emma says

This film is a little bit of a brand retrospective, framed in the experience of this year. For this fashion week, we felt it seemed wrong to try and gloss over the fact that this has been such a challenging year for everyone, and instead tried to produce a film that reflects our hopeful view that we will all come out the other side stronger, better and happier. We’re really excited and positive for what the future holds in store and can’t wait for our friends to join us on the next steps of our journey

- Emma Hill CBE